Version 3.8.1 Released2023-02-22

Source tarball and GPG signature available at:

3.8.1 - 2023-02-22
    * Fixed several obscure and unlikely bugs which could be triggered when
      there's a failure to launch a replacement daemon.  There were two
      distinct classes of issue here: some of the bugs could cause undefined
      behavior in the parent daemon due to unsafe logging calls in a forked
      subprocess alongside the threaded parent, and the others could cause
      the original daemon to safely exit with an error when it could and
      should have merely logged about it and continued running.  Either way,
      all of these bugs were only triggerable by a real operational issue
      preventing the successful launch of a replacement daemon in the first
      place (e.g. resource exhaustion or a missing daemon binary)
    * Testsuite updated for compatibility with newer versions of Net::DNS
      up through 1.36 (thanks paravoid!)
    * A bunch of minor QA updates to catch up with changes in online
      and local QA tools, compilers, distros, etc.   These are to clear up
      some warnings and/or build issues, none of which should make any
      functional difference at runtime.  These include fixes for Github
      issues #220 and #230 .