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Version 1.11.0 Released2013-12-06

Source tarball available at: https://github.com/gdnsd/gdnsd/releases/

1.11.0 - 2013-12-06
      fixed edns-client-subnet issue with configurations that
        enclose a geoip resource within a metafo resource: the
        metafo plugin would clear the edns scope mask set by
        the geoip plugin in this case, but no longer does so.
      fixed a segfault that could occur when parsing an illegal
        configuration for the metafo and geoip plugins.
      misc improvements to warning/error outputs
      misc doc fixups
      New options 'udp_threads' and 'tcp_threads' (global or
        per-listen-address).  Both default to 1, which is
        the previous behavior.  If increased, SO_REUSEPORT
        is set on the affected listening sockets, and multiple
        sockets are bound to the same address with separate
        listening threads.  If SO_REUSEPORT is not available
        (as is the case for Linux kernels < 3.9), the options
        will be forced down to 1.
      New option 'zones_strict_data', similar to the old
        'strict_data' option, upgrades zone data warnings to
        full errors.  Defaults false.
      New commandline option '-S' temporarily enables
        'zones_strict_data' regardless of config-file setting,
        mostly useful for 'checkconf'
      New commandline option '-s', as above for 'zones_strict_startup'
      'listen' option: new values 'any' and 'scan'.  'any' uses
        the ANY-addresses (IPv4 + v6 as applicable), and 'scan'
        scans the interface list via getifaddrs() and configures
        each valid address as a separate listener, which is still
        the default behavior.  A warning has been added when using
        the implicit default 'scan' behavior, indicating that the
        default will change to the 'any' behavior in a future
      PTR records no longer do additional-section processing, as
        per the RFCs (not that any practical config ever made use
        of it anyways)
      The use of 'cnames' in the same resource as 'addrs_v[46]'
        in the 'weighted' plugin is deprecated.  Please migrate
        away from this by placing the cnames in a separate
      'late_bind_secs' feature is deprecated, and should be
        unnecessary now that we fallback to attempting
        IP_FREEBIND (or the BSD equivalent) on initial bind()
      'zones_rfc1035_strict_startup' option was renamed to
        'zones_strict_startup' with deprecated support for
        the old name.
      'tcp_clients_per_socket' option was renamed to
        'tcp_clients_per_thread' with deprecated support
        for the old name.
      'tcp_disabled' option deprecated in favor of setting
        the new 'tcp_threads' option to zero.
    *** NOTE *** Version 2.0.0 will be coming up soon, it could
       even potentially be the very next release.  2.0.0 will contain
       major feature work related to plugins, and (as the bump of
       the leading version number indicates) it won't be a fully
       backwards-compatible release.
     Most things that have become "deprecated" over the past
       several releases will have their backwards-compatibility
       removed in 2.0.0, and notably the plugin API will have
       substantial changes for any 3rd-party plugin code to
       accomodate.  You have been warned!