Version 1.11.1 Released2014-01-11

Source tarball available at:

1.11.1 - 2014-02-11
    Bugfix for plugin_geoip's normalization of "nets" input data.
      This bug affected some forms of un-normalized "nets" inputs,
      resulting in incorrect responses (or assertfail in debug builds).
      The replacement code is much simpler and more reliable, but
      also slower.
    Build Bugfix: plugins' dependencies on libm were being met
      indirectly via libgdnsd's library deps in automake/libtool
      terms.  However, due to platform variances as to which
      math functions are inlined, combined with the "--as-needed"
      linker flag, sometimes libm was not linked for libgdnsd,
      which could result in plugins not finding math symbols.
      This has caused build problems on at least Ubuntu/i386 and
      Ubuntu/ppc64el.  The fix moved the libm deps to their
      proper places in the respective's.
    The official tarball download URLs are moving back to github
      at .  The old
      location will continue to host the tarballs that exist
      there for a while, so as not to disrupt automated things,
      and this bugfix release will also be published in both
      places just in case.