Version 1.11.5 Released2014-09-10

Source tarball available at:

1.11.5 - 2014-09-10
      Remove F_PURE from rfc1035 out-of-zone check
        This was causing out-of-zone data checks during
        the loading of rfc1035 zonefiles to be skipped
        sometimes, depending on compiler/optimizations.
      Change down_thresh min value from 1 to 2.
        The value "1" leads to buggy behavior, and was
        never intended to be possible in the state
        machine's design.
      Only use EPROTO if it's available.
        Build-time bugfix for OpenBSD support.
      Fix Linux version detection for initial 3.x kernels
        Runtime checks of the Linux kernel version
        for feature support were failing on 3.x.0 kernel
        versions which do not include the ".0" in the
        version string.
      extmon: add %%ITEM%%, deprecate %%IPADDR%%
      plugin_weighted: deprecate "cnames" stanza
        (both of these are to smooth out the 2.x transition)