Version 1.10.1 Released2013-10-04

Source tarball available at:

1.10.1 - 2013-10-04
      A faulty assert() was removed from the plugin_geoip code:
        This assert failure could be triggered in a debug build
          of the daemon by a carefully crafted request packet, but a
          normal cache would never generate such a packet intentionally.
        No known problems for non-debug builds (which should include all
          "normal" builds from debs/rpms, etc), but if you're running
          a debug build on the internet, it can be DoS'd with this.
      plugin_geoip "nets" data normalization was buggy when presented
        with certain odd sets of un-normalized networks which had
        overlapping and/or mergeable subnets in the data.  All known cases
        are now handled correctly. In the case of a complete conflict
        (exact same subnet/mask mapped to two different results explicitly),
        the choice between the two variants is arbitrary and a warning is
        issued (before, this resulted in load failure).
      Removed debugging and gdnsd_geoip_test text output length limitations
        on very long dclists.
      Fixed a testsuite bug which resulted in a false failure if
        the system's /usr/share/GeoIP/ contained database
        formats other Country, Region, and City.