Version 3.0.0 Released2019-02-15

Source tarball and GPG signature available at:

3.0.0 - 2019-02-15
    * Note that this is a major version number bump, and for some users and
      configurations this means major compatibility-breaking changes.  Do not
      expect a simple upgrade like a minor version release!  Please see the
      separate file which offers an overview of all the major
      changes from 2.x; there's too much to succinctly summarize here.
    * Also, all previous NEWS entries were shifted to NEWS.old, so that we can
      start this file over and leave previous 2146 lines of updates behind.
    * For beta users: there were no functional changes since the final
      2.99.9950-beta release, only QA/refactoring work and a couple of
      FreeBSD-specific fixups to the TCP parts of the testsuite.