Version 1.11.4 Released2014-07-18

Source tarball available at:

1.11.4 - 2014-07-18
    Major bugfix: The SOA record returned in the auth section of
      negative responses (NXDOMAIN and NODATA) had an incorrect TTL.
        RFC 2308 says that auth servers should set the SOA record's
      own TTL to the minimum of the real SOA TTL and the SOA
      "minimum" field (aka ncache field), but gdnsd was simply using
      the real SOA TTL and assuming caches looked at the
      minimum/ncache field directly (which they do not).
        The fallout is that if you specified a minimum/ncache
      value of 3H but the TTL of the SOA record itself
      was 24H, your negative answers to caches would indicate
      that the answer should be cached for 24H.  Luckily
      many caches limit ncache durations (e.g. BIND9 defaults to
      a limit of 3H), mitigating the issue somewhat, but
      it's still a pretty big deal.

    Bugfix: plugin_geoip was not correctly runtime-reloading
      geoip databases from geoip_db_v4_overlay due to a simple
      code error, which is now fixed.