Version 3.8.0 Released2021-08-13

Source tarball and GPG signature available at:

3.8.0 - 2021-08-13
    * The geoip plugin gained a new feature flag 'ignore_ecs' at the map level,
      which can be used to ignore EDNS Client Subnet data for all resources
      which use a given map.  This is primarily for the use-case where the
      authserver has maps and resources which *do* use ECS data (thus ECS
      support can't be turned off globally), but one or more specific maps are
      intended explicitly to use only the DNS source addresses of the queries
      to make routing decisions.
    * Added more-pedantic error checking to a couple of strtoul uses (which
      were otherwise range validated numerically, but this will prevent oddball
      input cases from "working" in ways they shouldn't).
    * Added a missing regression test for DYN[AC] on a wildcard hostname
    * A few meta-updates for the Travis CI migration to .com.