Version 1.11.2 Released2014-02-27

Source tarball available at:

1.11.2 - 2014-02-27
    Bugfix: HTTP stats output network send code was horribly
      broken in theory, but the bugs were difficult to hit
      in practice.  Triggering required the combination of
      a large-enough set of monitored services and smallish
      TCP send buffers, such that the data wouldn't be
      completely sent by the first writev() call.  Was finally
      noticed by someone monitoring 50+ services on a certain
      type of VM instance (thanks YTS for the report!)
    Bugfix: Stats output buffer calculations made more-robust.
      They were too small in some very corner cases, but I
      don't believe anyone ever hit this bug; it was found
      via source analysis.
    Bugfix: plugin_simplefo now works correctly with no
      service_types specified (default http checks).  This
      has been broken for years.  Apparently nobody uses it
      this way, if at all.
    *** This is a good time to re-iterate that v2.0.0 is due
      sometime "soon".  2.x will have some substantial
      backwards-compatibility breaks with 1.x, especially for
      any 3rd party plugin.  Anything that currently gives a
      deprecation notice in 1.x will be removed/changed in 2.x
      for sure, so look out for those in your log output.  The
      branch is available as it progresses at: