Version 3.5.0 Released2021-01-11

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3.5.0 - 2021-01-11
    * Multiple efficiency improvements for TCP conn handling, primarily aimed
      at reducing the per-conn memory footprint and malloc churn.
    * Address (A/AAAA) records are now properly randomly shuffled each time
      they're emitted in responses.  Previously we were doing a basic rotation
      of them in the supplied order.  Shuffling has better load distribution
      characteristics in some scenarios.
    * NS responses now include true glue, when warranted, for qtype=NS at the
      root of a zone.  This covers some important corner cases, including the
      root-of-dns delegated glue hints case.  Previously, we were only
      attempting to attach glue to delegation responses, but never zone root
      qtype=NS responses.