Version 3.4.2 Released2021-01-11

Source tarball and GPG signature available at:

3.4.2 - 2021-01-11
    * Several bugfixes are included here which came to light while reworking
      major chunks of the code in a 4.x prototype branch.  All are also
      backported to the 3.[23].x branches for packagers.
    * Fixed a few memory leaks that can happen in certain uncommon zonefile
      parsing failures related to TXT data, CAA data, and/or the zone
      filename itself
    * Fixed some missed response packet compression opportunities when the
      query name from the client was not already normalized to lower case.
    * Fixed some log message output bugs when complaining about SOA records
    * Added missing min_ttl/max_ttl clamping to RFC 3597 records' TTLs.
    * Fixed a corner case that could cause mixed TTLs in a single rrset, in
      the case of ACME challenges defined for the same name both statically
      in zone data and via gdnsdctl.
    * Fixed a bug which could force an RR's TTL to the value "1" if it were
      outside the range declared by ttl_min and ttl_max (default 5 and
      3600000) and the non-default "zones_strict_data" (or -S flag) was
    * Configurations of plugins and zone data which allow DYNC to return
      address (A/AAAA) records are deprecated.  They still work, but they
      emit a log warning message every time a zone is loaded which creates
      such a situation.