Version 1.11.3 Released2014-05-14

Source tarball available at:

1.11.3 - 2014-05-14
    Important code fixes: ----------------------------------
      GeoIP country code support for South Sudan
        (SS) added, to support newer upstream GeoIP data.
      GeoIP country code routines updated to handle
        unknown country codes more gracefully.

    Trivial code fixes: ------------------------------------
      Avoid listening on a random pointless socket
        when bind() fails on an address from interface scan.
      Improved pathname formatting in various error
        and warning log outputs.
      Fixed two small leaks on failed reloads of plugin_geoip
        'nets' database files.
      Fixed another small leak on bad resource values
        for geoip/metafo RR's in failed zonefiles.
      Fixed some bad libev state assertions related to
        timers, which may have caused racy failures in rare
        cases in debug builds.
      Fixed a crash-on-startup when loading certain forms of
        invalid configuration input to the meta-plugins.

    Build process fixes: -----------------------------------
      autoconf detection of pthreads flags on newer
        versions of clang improved.
      automake use of objects in subdirectories has
        been removed, hopefully increasing compatibility.
      directory creation during "make install" cleaned up

    New deprecations: -------------------------------------
      The SPF RR-type has been deprecated and will generate
        a warning on zonefile loading.

    *** This really will be the very last release of 1.x
        before 2.0.0, barring the necessity of serious
        bugfixes in the 1.x code.  Please pay attention
        to the deprecation warnings in your log output;
        all of those things will become real issues when
        you upgrade to 2.x.