Version 2.1.1 Released2014-12-30

Source tarball available at:

2.1.1 - 2014-12-30
  *** Bugfixes backported from master branch:
    * Fixed incorrect error-handling code for the sendmmsg() syscall, which
      could have caused an unecessary additional dropped packet and/or
      bad error messages after failing to send one or more packets from a set.
    * The per-address level udp_recv_width option is now correctly limited to
      a value of 64 (previously it was being incorrectly limited to 32).
    * plugin_multifo no longer pointlessly limits to 64 addrs per family
    * plugin_extmon bugfix for bad timeout/interval behavior if either >255s
    * if the stats http socket failed to bind() on startup, the daemon
      could carry on anyways, causing it to bind to a different, arbitrary
      port number
    * Fixed autoconf 2.63 compat when running autoreconf (broken in 2.1.0)