Version 1.10.0 Released2013-09-04

Source tarball available at:

1.10.0 - 2013-09-04
      The configuration syntax now supports include files.
      Responses to type=ANY queries on CNAME RRs were incorrect
        per the relevant RFCs.  Now they're correct.  I don't
        believe the broken cases were broken in ways that would
        matter for most users in production queries, though.
      When the final line of a zonefile contained a data record
        with no terminating newline, the unterminated data was
        silently ignored.  This now produces a proper parse error.
      Made testsuite more likely to succeed when run as root,
        which is still a bad idea.  Also warns loudly in an
        effort to reduce bug reports about testsuite failures
        when running as root.
      Several smaller bugfixes - minor code issues never seen in
        the wild, found via valgrind, clang-analyzer, and/or Coverity.
      Travis ( support added to automatically
        run the build+test process for incoming pull requests
        and new pushes to the main branches as well.
      Started using Coverity's free scan tool for open source
        projects, which has helped spot additional defects.
      Moved general info out of and into
        hosted on github pages or the INSTALL file as appropriate.
        Tarball downloads are now at as
        well, but the old URLs will redirect there.
      Removed the pkg/ subdirectory and RPM specfiles.  I'm not
        really using or maintaining these personally anymore, and
        they really don't belong in the upstream source anyways, as
        there are too many distro/version differences to account for.
        Leave that stuff to the distro packagers.